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Product: Purposeful Anxiety Meditation - Part 1 - Looking for answers

Audio book

When looking for answers you are engaging in both conscious and unconscious ways of thinking, relying on automatic thoughts and complex reasoning. Both mental processes are detrimental to our survival, but can't be removed, or controlled fully.

Your attitudes about the future can help you better engage when believing that the present is within your control. Every choice can bring you closer to certainty, shaping empowering attitudes, in order to believe in a more predictable life.

In this meditation session you will learn to better tolerate uncertainty and regain the level of confidence needed to engage with everything you experience, and to overcome challenging states of mind.

This is the first part of the Purposeful anxiety meditation pack - a set of three meditation sessions which can help you refocus your mental energy and better manage anxiety in every context of your life.

Duration: 0:14:26
File size: 12.4 MB
Includes quotes by: Annie Dillard, Haruki Murakami, Ernest Nelson, Rebecca Solnit, and J.D. Stroube.


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