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ADdicted to excellence?

Monday 28 September 2020, 16:38pm

Want to be better? what if you can't always be the best? At times, this is the unbearable truth. Perfectionism is not just a personal opinion, but a personality trait which may impact your well-being while trying to do your best. There are so many paths to success... and for some reason, at times it feels as if you chose the toughest journey. Why does anxiety take you away from the present moment and leaves you stranded in the uncertain future? If you would like to understand the perfectionistic mindset, first let's notice how anticipation comes into play. In order to regulate our behaviour and better manage the mental energy we need to plan ahead. Perfectionistic people, are concerned about the future and tend to invest more energy when planning, which may actually slow them down, or hinder their mental resources. No wonder they are more likely to doubt their actions or end up dissatisfied after a hard day of work. We do take pleasure from our efforts. But can we get addicted to excellence and therefore desire perfection all the time? If perfectionism was a product, would you buy into it? Quality guaranteed Pride yourself on your level of knowledge and skills. It is sure worth the effort. This is the only way forward. There are no better options in life, trust yourself, you got what it takes, quality guaranteed. You're simply the best! Striving for flawlessness can become a race against imperfection. It's in our nature to fail, as learning is not an optio...

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