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You can't survive without reacting. Over time, feelings, thoughts and behaviours align to values, goals and contexts.
Managing mental distress involves recognizing the fine line between mental reactions and clinically relevant symptoms. Here is where I'll help you face the challenge, at the right threshold for your development.
By applying for psychotherapy, we will identify essential mental interactions, to better explain, manage and prevent psychological symptoms. The most overwhelming factors will be addressed , by bringing into focus the strengths that nourish your mind with meaning.
If you experience symptoms that meet the diagnostic criteria for a mental illness (such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or schizophrenia), I will rely on An integrative approach based on CBT to decrease psychological distress, prevent severe episodes and improve your ability to adapt.
However, if symptoms don't meet the diagnostic criteria (and you are simply experiencing prolonged distress, pain sensitivity or lack of self-control), the therapy process will be focused on self-awareness and risk-prevention. Dealing with mild distress means that your mental health is not significantly affected. You can always prevent mental illness by developing a range of coping strategies and better mental skills . This will minimize the level of discomfort, at the same time increasing your general performance.
The earliest signs of distress, conflictual relationships or persistent struggles are some of the clues worth considering when deciding to seek help from a mental practitioner.

Please note, all services are provided at a discounted fee, for you to better cope in these uncertain times.


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