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Purposeful anxiety (young people's group)


Purposeful anxiety (young people's group)

What you wish to achieve may not always be what you desire. You feel the pressure, but you can't find the words or someone who can listen. Loneliness is the saddest echo of your mind, and the fear of failure makes everything a challenge.

Your goal: Learn to manage social pressure as you are aiming to achieve more.

"They've been telling you life stories, to believe in a better future. But you didn't have the chance to succeed so far, and maybe you still find it hard to fight. The inner voice knows your struggle, but has forgotten the language of hope."

Your goal: Learn to trust yourself when moving forward.

"Distracting thoughts, doubts and frustration make learning seem a daunting task instead of a privilege for growing stronger. Uncertainty is your enemy and with no strategy, failure feels like the only option."

Your goal: Control how you feel when channeling effort towards a challenging task.

"Were you trying to find happiness and your search only led to sadness? You might have made friends with the unexpected but failure turned every opportunity into an enemy. It's time to know your progress and embrace your nature."

Your goal: develop a resilient mindset for facing negative states of mind.

Group structure: while the group will always encourage you to give and receive support, our interaction is not meant to follow a traditional support group structure. Instead of having a passive conversation, we will engage in a guided collaborative process, to improve the way you understand and relate to your thoughts and feelings.

This doesn't mean that your experience is disregarded, but instead, we will look at science, while trying to create strategies that work for you in different circumstances. Every interaction will help group members learn from one another, and improve coping strategies in your day-to-day life.

Payment: You are encouraged to join the group at the start date and enjoy a cohesive experience. The full payment covers eight different group sessions, no matter when you decide to join us. You are allowed to go through the same number of sessions as everyone else. If instead you would rather join us for one session only, you can always apply through the single session form available under the groups section.

For each session, participation is limited to 15 members. In case you would like to join an ongoing group and the participation limit has been reached, please get in touch as another group can be created upon request.

All sessions will be taking place online, every Saturday, starting from 15:00 GMT.

I hope the above information will prove useful in taking an informed decision. If you have any other questions, please get in touch. I look forward to working together on some of the most meaningful goals that can improve the way you live your life.

Please note, this group is aimed at young people between the ages of 12 and 18. For each young person under the age of 18, a primary carer will be required to fill in an informed consent form. The form will be made available to you soon after applying. Alternatively, please contact me to request a digital copy beforehand. Your application will only be approved after the form has been processed.


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