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Disabling disability group


Disabling disability group

Disability can always limit your development. But since nowadays accessible technology is at its peak, most limitations can be compensated. However, when going through difficult circumstances, distress becomes a limitation in itself.

If you are experiencing a form of disability (physical or mental), join me for an engaging group session every other Wednesday starting from 6:30PM GMT to learn how empowering attitudes, managing emotions and well-focused behaviours can disable the maladaptive perceptions about your disability and bring significant changes in your quality of life.

It's free, it's rewarding, it's happening, so join us and spread the word!

Group structure: while the group will always encourage you to give and receive support, our interaction is not meant to follow a traditional support group structure. Instead of having a passive conversation, we will engage in a guided collaborative process, to improve the way you understand and relate to your thoughts and feelings.

For each session, participation is limited to 20 members. In case you would like to join an ongoing group and the participation limit has been reached, please get in touch as another group can be created upon request.

To apply, simply fill in the application form below, and follow the events calendar to keep track of our meetings. If your application is accepted, always Remember the three Cs: communicate openly, be considerate and respect the confidentiality of all information disclosed throughout the session.

I hope the above information will prove useful in taking an informed decision. If you have any other questions, please get in touch. I look forward to working together on some of the most meaningful goals that can improve the way you live your life.


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