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Organisational health


Organisational health

According to latest research, mental illness costs organisations billions of pounds each year in lost productivity and insurance claims. Wellbeing is a core aspect of organisational performance, with a significant impact on both organisational interactions and revenue.

Today's leaders are mainly focussed on performance, and to a lesser extent on the human aspects of work. As a result, vulnerable employees benefit less from the support that is available to them, yet may suffer in silence because of the need to create a good impression.

A recent meta-analysis showed that job strain and high effort, combined with low reward and organisational injustice, are risk factors for coronary heart disease and mental distress. Under the same conditions, a range of psychological factors such as the Type A Personality, emotional sensitivity, physiological reactivity or maladaptive coping skills, lead to increased mortality and morbidity, a higher number of stressful experiences, and lower wellbeing.

This intervention is aimed at organisations that see mental balance as a driver for performance in the workplace. It includes specific actions focused on cognitive, behavioural and organisational strategies based on occupational psychology, which make a difference in the way organisations succeed.

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