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The science of mindful living - Overview

Science is driven by valid theories. However, our mind relies on implicit theories unknowingly. By default, reasoning is strongly related to the way we understand, react, and choose to approach life.

Are you promoting the mind-body connection? How do life areas intertwine? To what extent can we predict future choices, and when does the unconscious impact our decisions?

Psychological research advanced reliable answers to better explain the way we think, feel and act. Navigating life without considering the truth, will inevitably lead to impaired reasoning, maladaptive lifestyle, lower potential and ultimately, to a less fulfilling life.

Answers abound, and unfortunately these days, it becomes difficult to tell the difference between science and pseudoscience. As a result, more people risk moving forward relying on faulty theories that won't insure long term stability.

What if you would fall into this category? Time to sharpen your decision-making strategies, so join me on a new learning path which could allow you to:

  • Understand what are the health-promoting behaviours you should incorporate in your daily habits.
  • Identify the critical developmental strengths and weaknesses involved in your personal growth.
  • Build awareness and translate mental skills into meaningful outcomes for promoting mental strength across the lifespam.


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Author Cristian A. Nica
Collaborators --
Date 20/09/2024
Date 20/09/2024
Start time 18:30
End time 21:30
Location offline, 36 Hammersmith Grove, , London, United Kingdom, W6 7BA
Spaces available 15
Price £14.00
Published 08/10/2020