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Knowing what works is not enough, making it work is all that matters.


Knowing what works is not enough, making it work is all that matters.

The services I provide include scientifically refined strategies which can explain the unknown, empower lasting change and promote a meaningful progress. Keeping the process simple, safe and effective is one of my top priorities.

Design to meet your standards

Whether you choose an individual intervention, or a specific product, you should know that my work is designed starting from evidence-based principles, and is meant to meet best standards. You can therefore expect to benefit from relevant procedures and a unique strategy tailored to your needs.

A flexible approach for human development

Psychotherapy, counselling and coaching are complementary psychological interventions. They serve different functions, and my practical and academic background allows me to wear the scientist practitioner's hat for bringing research forward through applied strategies and build relevant skills you can easily transfer across contexts.

Applied cognitive and behavioural principles

According to recent research, cognitive behavioural principles help to shape the most effective psychological approach. This means, that mental reactions are best explained by a psychological framework that takes into account the interaction between our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

The most rigorous approach needs to be both intuitive and flexible. Psychological theory allows me to apply my skills across contexts, for mental health, organisational change or community development.

Finding the right process for your needs

If you are looking to take your mindset to the next level, our journey may involve cognitive and behavioural principles, positive psychology, disease prevention, hypnosis and problem-solving strategies. However, if you choose to focus on your organisation, we will step into the realm of design thinking, to create the agile strategies that will help innovate the way you live and work.

Please see the sections below for more details about my work.

  • I collaborate with the following health insurance companies: Aviva, VitalityHealth, Etna Global Benefits, Axa PPP healthcare, Healix Health Services, WPA.
  • Discounts are always available - operating on a sliding scale for clients on a low income.
  • All sessions need to be booked in advance and are fully refunded if cancelled at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.

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