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Learning comes naturally, but knowledge mastery allows your brain to grow.


Learning comes naturally, but knowledge mastery allows your brain to grow.

Summary of Christian A. Nica's skills and knowledge, with headings 'Skills' at the top and 'Knowledge' at the bottom linked by a curly bracket.
Practice – transfer knowledge to real-life
Test – achieve greater mastery
Assess – develop greater awareness
Groups, Communities, Organisations [with arrows pointing up and down]
Needs-focused content
Selecting evidence-based theories
Pragmatic developmental approach

Knowledge not only allows you to better face the challenge, but it also contributes to your skills. This way, you have the chance to experience a sense of control, and enjoy greater discipline for a productive state of mind.

By subscribing to my courses, you will have the chance to understand the human mind, and achieve a higher level of awareness, to be at your best.

Learning values

Eclectic teaching: making psychological theory relevant to the way you feel, think and act. Cognitive and behavioural principles are essential for intuitive learning, and group coaching strategies can always enable a pragmatic approach.

Flexibility: Not providing an off-the-shelf solution, all courses are tailored to your requirements. Designed with evidence in mind, each course allows you to relate the content to the needs of individuals, groups and organisations.

Impact: making sure you can implement what you learn, and develop new skills as a result. Knowing is not enough, what you do will make a difference.

Expect a pragmatic approach, where some of the most valuable theories are strengthened through reliable self-assessments. This way, you can understand and apply what you’ve learned, to your day-to-day life.


Course The science of mindful living available now at cristiannica.co.uk

The science of mindful living

Science is driven by valid theories. However, our mind relies on implicit theories unknowingly. By default, reasoning is strongly related to the way we understand, react, and choose to approach lif...


Online courses

You now have the chance to take my online courses at your own pace. As an education scientist, I embed instructional strategies to boost self-awareness and transform knowledge into relevant mental skills.

In every course, you can find a blend of self-assessments, mental maps, inspiring videos, relevant articles and insightful assignments together with ongoing support to help you stay on track.

I choose to step away from traditional self-help topics. It's always good to challenge the familiar so that you could better face the unfamiliar when moving forward.

More courses coming soon.


The science of mindful living

Coming soon.


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