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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book a session?

If you wish to apply for coaching, counselling or psychotherapy, please see the relevant category under 'services'. Simply fill in your details and follow the instructions. You will be contacted soon after, to better understand your problem and determine the level of support required.


Can I apply for couples counselling online, together with my partner?

Yes, the online environment is flexible and can host multiple users at once. This makes it easier for you to interact with significant others, if you ever find that their perspective can become relevant to the therapeutic process. At the same time, you should know that although you are sharing the same environment with your partner, when engaging in 1-to-1 communication, I will ensure information is kept confidential.


How can I take part to a group?

All groups include an application process which allows participants to be matched based on their background and skills. If you wish to take part, please fill in the application form and apply. For groups that are not free of charge, you will be asked to make the payment soon after your application is accepted.


Can I establish a diagnosis based on self-assessment?

Psychological assessments are relevant for taking an informed decision. When designed in line with scientific guidelines, they help a psychologist to better understand your mental background. At the same time, they will help you know yourself better and take a decision on your own. However, you should remember that scoring high or low on a questionnaire does not necessarily imply that you are experiencing a mental illness.


Why am I not allowed to take a questionnaire several times?

Psychological assessments are focused on cognitive processes, emotional reactions or personality traits. Results are meant to describe how you generally think, feel and behave, and repeating a questionnaire will most likely bias your results, as questions become familiar. If you are keen to take a questionnaire a second time, then you are very likely to answer differently in order to improve your results. I advise you to accept the results instead, even if they are not what you expected. Finding a suitable explanation connected to your current circumstances will help you better understand what needs to be done.


Are my results confidential?

All information is processed using a secure protocol and results are not made available to third parties. For every assessment tool, data will be stored securely and analyzed at a group level, for research purposes and only with your consent. This way you will contribute to the advancement of knowledge, making sure that psychological factors are better understood and applied to human development.


How much time have I got to take a course after subscribing?

Most courses are available in your dashboard for one month. To find out the exact duration of each course, please refer to the course description.


How are courses being developed?

All courses are developed from evidence-based theories. They follow a logical approach, are meant to help you better understand the topic, to acquire relevant mental skills or to simply take a step forward in life.


Where can I access the products I have purchased?

All purchased products will be displayed in your dashboard. This also applies to your interventions, courses and questionnaires. Remember you can only access the dashboard as a logged-in user.


Who can sign up as a business partner?

The business partner section is for all professionals who wish to collaborate with me on designing group interventions or online courses. I am always looking to create innovative solutions using a cross-disciplinary approach, therefore all industries are welcome. If you have more than four years experience, enjoy writing and are passionate about e-learning and community development then please get in touch.


How can I find out when I have earned a coupon?

All coupons you have earned are displayed in your dashboard, under the 'my coupons' section. You will earn a "public coupon" when inviting a user and a "user coupon" when that same user has made a purchase. At the same time, you can earn bonus coupons by taking part in my campaigns.

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