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Product: Purposeful anxiety Meditation - Part 2 - Transcending fear

Audio book

How does every emotion keep our mind in motion? Fear triggers protective reactions, to prevent harm and ensure safety. At all times, you could fight with what you find threatening, move away from danger or give up control and allow for events to randomly unfold.

This meditation session will help you develop a healthy perception about the meaning of your fears. Once you will understand the basic notions involved in triggering and maintaining the fear response, you can also achieve a greater sense of acceptance, and control over your state of mind.

This is the second part of the Purposeful anxiety meditation pack - a set of three meditation sessions which will help you refocus your mental energy and better manage anxiety in every context of your life.

Includes quotes by: Susan Casey, Gustave Flaubert, Munia Khan, Mehmet Murat ildan Tamora Pierce, , Mara Rutherford and Jeanette Winterson
Duration: 0:05:36
File size: 4.96 Mb


Product: Purposeful anxiety Meditation - Part 2 - Transcending fear available now at cristiannica.co.uk

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