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Questionnaire: Confusion scale

Cristian A. Nica

Questionnaire: Confusion scale available now at cristiannica.co.uk

this instrument is meant to assess the level of confusion, as a result of psychological or biological factors. It is an indicator of prolonged distress or neurological deterioration, and can identify the onset of dementia or alzheimer's.

The questionnaire includes a total of 39 items organised on nine subscales as follows:

Seven subscales of four items each (attention, behavior, command processing, depression, memory, orientation and verbal abilities).
Two subscales of 11 items (general monitoring and vital functions) intended to be used as health indicators only.

The general score indicates your level of confusion, while the nine subscales will provide a more in depth perspective with regards to the health factors that explain your mental status.

Note: this questionnaire can also be used by family members to assess their own perception with regards to the signs displayed by a relative who is unable to understand abstract information or to follow complex instructions.


To assess confusion, as a result of impaired cognitive abilities.

Cognitive abilities




18 - 85+


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