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Questionnaire: Coping Resources Questionnaire

Cristian A. Nica

Questionnaire: Coping Resources Questionnaire available now at cristiannica.co.uk

Stress is the most important psychological factor by which our mental energy can be quantified subjectively. Whether you are trying to stay productive, or to approach a difficult social interaction, the resources you rely on will always impact your reactions.

There are two main resource clusters. Internal resources (knowledge, intelligence or executive skills), and external resources (social support, access to information or tangible resources). Once you understand the quality of your resources, you can always develop better coping skills by relying on external support, and vice-versa.

This questionnaire includes 18 items organised under six subscales and will assess the extent in which you rely on relevant resources when managing your distress. Click below to start.


To assess the coping resources required for effective stress management.

Mental health




12 +


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