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Questionnaire: Inquiry Mindset Scale

Cristian A. Nica

Questionnaire: Inquiry Mindset Scale available now at cristiannica.co.uk

The only way of accessing a higher order level of performance, is to consider new opportunities for development. Inquiry is a mental process which can improve understanding and support change for innovative products, creative projects or impact-driven actions.

Collaborative inquiry is an action research methodology which has proved beneficial across contexts, from medical practice, organisational change or education, to social justice and community development. At the same time, the inquiry mindset has recently been valued through design thinking procedures, and can therefore be considered a core factor for promoting a novel approach.

The Inquiry Mindset Scale was created to emphasize the beliefs associated with specific mental skills, in order for individuals and teams to better address their needs before or during the inquiry process.

Includes 24 items rated on a five point scale.

Results provide a global score, while the six subscales (propositional, practical, experiential, presentational, cycling and co-operation), allow you to review the core knowledge categories required to engage in the inquiry process.

Psychologist with ten years experience in providing innovative psychological services in clinical, occupational, counselling and health psychology.

Assess the mental traits and perceived abilities relevant for the inquiry process.

Organisational development




16 +


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