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Questionnaire: Intervention Needs Assessment

Cristian A. Nica

Questionnaire: Intervention Needs Assessment available now at cristiannica.co.uk

Although psychological interventions start from similar assumptions, they address different layers of the human experience.

The intervention needs assessment is an evidence-based approach for you to find the most suitable psychological intervention. It takes into account the main mental reactions that can be addressed through psychotherapy, counselling or coaching.

If you represent an organisation, you should know that empirical data always allows you to understand internal processes and procedures. The stability of individual traits (such as personality, emotional intelligence or IQ) are just as relevant as the working alliance.

When applied at an organisational level, this instrument will give you the chance to understand the mental needs of your employees, and choose the right intervention for best outcomes.

If you wish to initiate an organisational assessment please get in touch and I will co-ordinate a tailored procedure, including the provision of an organisational report.

Psychotherapy: Managing distressing symptoms.
Counselling: Developing strategies for approaching problems.
Coaching: Matching skills to achieve relevant goals.

Includes 15 items rated on a five point scale.

results provide a global score, relevant for mental development, together with additional scores computed for three subscales (psychotherapy, counselling and coaching).


To assess the suitability of a psychological intervention.

Psychological screening

Intervention strategy



13 - 75+


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