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Community development


Community development

Individual vulnerability is rising, communities feel disconnected and traumatic events bring unexpected, life-threatening change. In this context, community projects are designed to provide support for improving the quality of life.

When relying on an evidence-based approach, your organisation is more likely to develop reliable interventions. Whether you intend to tackle unemployment, to alleviate poverty, to prevent disease or promote life-long learning, you should know that every behaviour can be explained through psychological theories and strategies (such as the theory of reasoned action). This allows to focus resources on the key elements, and acquire meaningful proofs for improvement.

This service is available for both community groups and organisations. My strategy will guide your community to achieve long-lasting impact and scale up solutions effectively.

Please note, when collaborating with grassroot charities, or informal community groups, pro bono services can also be considered.

For all consultancy services, a reasonable fee will be established, based on project requirements, target population and resources involved.

This product is free of charge


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