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Purposeful anxiety (Adult's group)


Purposeful anxiety (Adult's group)

"Why do actions arise from motivation but are still welcomed with frustration? The survival instinct becomes an inner purpose for the unconscious and only a grounded self can face the challenge."

Your goal: Learn to stay grounded using a realistic self-perception.

"Accomplishment should be an opportunity for self-fulfillment. Yet you rarely expect positive things to come. The confidence gap is marked by fear and disbelief, as you have lost your sense of trust."

Your goal: Learn to trust development and engage with the better side of life.

"The future only seems uncertain, because of all the distracting thoughts you are trying to keep in order. It's difficult to focus, prioritize and commit to something meaningful while struggling to achieve control over your life."

Your goal: Develop self-awareness for mood management.

"You suddenly find yourself trapped in a vicious circle, helpless between fear and sadness. This is not the scenario you wish to follow. You witness your own transition, but achieving your goals becomes a growing challenge.

Your goal: Develop a resilient mindset for facing negative states of mind.

Group structure: while the group ethos will always be for members to support one another, the interaction is not meant to follow a traditional support group structure. Instead, you will engage in a guided collaborative process, to improve your understanding and work on the critical mental elements which trigger and maintain anxiety.

This doesn't mean that individual experience is disregarded, but instead, we will create models of understanding, by engaging all members in an active debate, while relying on scientifically proven mental models. As a result, every interaction will lead to a meaningful learning process, which you can later transfer in your day-to-day life.

Payment: Members are encouraged to join the group at the start date and enjoy a cohesive experience. 

The full payment covers eight different group sessions and you are allowed to go through the same number of sessions as everyone else, no matter when you decide to join us. If instead you would rather join us for one session only, you can always apply through the single session form available under the groups section.

For each session, participation is limited to 15 members. In case you would like to join an ongoing group and the participation limit has been reached, please get in touch as another group may be created upon request.

All sessions will be taking place online, every Saturday, starting from 5:30PM GMT.

I hope the above information will prove useful in taking an informed decision. If you have any other questions, please get in touch. I look forward to working together on some of the most meaningful goals that can improve the way you live your life.

Price: £49.00


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