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It is normal to feel hesitant, wise minds can achieve greater mastery in uncertain times. Only when facing our imperfections we can overcome the challenge.

Coaching can help you rehearse a different way of living so that you may find your way forward and learn to grow with purpose. You always have a chance to develop better skills, plan effective actions and reach the outcomes you desire.

Coaching allows you to train new mental skills and manage most relevant psychological reactions for supporting your development. You can avoid the illusions of success, and you'll learn to move forward despite the burden of distress.

My coaching approach is based on a cognitive framework. It allows you to control resources, manage change and experience greater strength. You'll explore new opportunities to develop effective behaviours, promote healthy ways of living and acquire a positive outlook on life.

Please note, the price listed corresponds to online therapy, for face-to-face sessions, a fee will be established based on location.

Price: £70.00


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