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Enthusiasm comes with success, but disappointment follows failure. Awareness is the gift of consciousness, bringing problems into focus so that you may find the right solutions for your development.

Whether you are alone, at work or taking part to a social event, your personality is shaping your behaviour - confidence can help you move forward, while helplessness will hold you back.

The unconscious develops through a learning cycle, which can be controlled. However, unhelpful thinking patterns and impulsive emotional reactions make you feel uncertain and overwhelmed, creating the illusion of helplessness.

Psychological counselling is meant to break the vicious cycle, by promoting a structured approach to help you improve thinking patterns and achieve better outcomes.

I provide the following counselling services:

Personal Counselling: Become aware of your mindset and achieve a different level of understanding. Learn to control negative emotions and work on behaviors that will help you better face the challenge.

Couples Counselling: Improve your relationship, manage existing constraints, and adjust interpersonal expectations.


Price: £65.00


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