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Personal Development


Personal Development

The self is an internal mental representation. It creates a coherent personality, defined by values and beliefs which coincide with a sense of identity. Pride, independence or self-fulfillment are some of the most important psychological traits worth considering , when aiming for more.

Knowing that you are not as good as you could be, or realizing that life has more to offer, leads to dissatisfaction. This should only encourage you to take action.

This intervention will focus on factors that promote your potential. I will help you acquire new skills and a more accurate perspective about the future. Learn to develop a personal strategy and improve cognitive mastery for greater mental strength.

All applications are subject to approval. You are allowed to make a payment once your application has been approved.

Please note, the price listed corresponds to online therapy, for face-to-face sessions, a fee will be established based on location.

Price: £65.00


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